Depressed in Silence!

All roads take you on a journey; you don’t have to travel through this life alone.

Sometimes life seems like a long lonely road to nowhere. Most of us walk around pretending that we have it all together, even when we’re hanging on by a thread. The thought of telling someone that we feel depressed, lonely, inadequate and overwhelmed is nauseating! So we decide not to take the risk of being judged, and we suffer in silence.

We hear over and over again that we should take care of ourselves. What most don’t tell you is that it’s easier said than done. Self-care is constant; it’s a daily task and its hard work. It’s even harder if you live in a stressful situation that is triggering your depression. When we suffer in silence eventually, we start to believe that there is no way out because we perfect the skill of juggling the symptoms of depression.You have a right to your privacy; pain is unavoidable, but you don’t deserve to be miserable.

Not so long ago I was tired of the emotional roller coaster I was on. I was tired of suffering in silence. I decided to take the risk and trust someone to help me. It was terrifying to bear all my vulnerabilities, but my confidant was mature enough to handle my disclosure. It was rejuvenating; the risk was worth it; I felt alive, and I felt reinvented because I decided to put an end to the silent suffering.

All roads take you on a journey; you don’t have to travel through this life alone. Take the risk and see what’s at the end of your road. You have a lot to offer to the universe, you can make your journey exciting, and your story doesn’t have to end prematurely.

Dare to Emerge!

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