Couples Therapy

How are you experiencing your relationship?

If you’re constantly predicting how your partner will react to avoid conflict because you fear rejection or their reaction, It’s time for couples therapy.

Being in a relationship does not mean that you should sacrifice your needs and individuality.

Relationship-ing is hard; whether you’re in a marriage, a situationship, or an entanglement, it is your birthright to be seen, heard, loved, understood and have a partner whose efforts equally match yours.

If your relationship is suffering due to mismanaged finances, infidelity, poor communication, lack of intimacy, or you feel unsupported, you can recover if both parties are open and willing to make life changes so this union can flourish.

Challenges in many relationships may arise when individuals do not communicate their needs, take time to learn each other, set boundaries, work on past traumas, or manage conflict in a healthy way.

Your beliefs about yourself, the way you were raised, and past traumas from prior relationships will affect the way you function as couples. When issues are not addressed, intimacy is often withheld, isolation may happen, resentments fester, and can lead to divorce, separation, and harm from both sides.

Working with Our Couples therapist will allow you to:

  • Work on strengthening your relationship
  • Enhance your communication and boundary-setting skills
  • Develop your awareness of self and each other
  • Identify and eliminate deep-rooted resentments
  • Deepen intimacy with your partner
  • Process and resolve conflict in healthy ways

How does Couples Counseling work at Emergent Counseling?

  • Your initial Session with the therapist is to determine whether the therapist a good fit and establish mutual expectations.
  • Second Session is a joint session and an assessment is done with you and your partner to identify challenges, goals and vision for your relationship.
  • Third Session is done individually for the therapist to form an alliance, and gain individual perspectives regarding attachment, fears, commitment, fears and safety
  • Subsequent sessions are done jointly and collaboratively to work on identified goals.
Couples Therapy

Our therapists are here to guide, support and empower couples so that they can develop and reap the benefits of a healthy relationship.

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