Family Therapy

Do you feel like the black sheep of your family?

Are you constantly being blamed for family drama? 

Recurring themes of lying, bullying, manipulation, favoritism, verbal abuse, guilt-tripping, unhealthy boundaries, and secrets, are common control mechanisms often used in families to maintain control.

This can cause significant mental, emotional, and physical distress to the more vulnerable members within that family unit. Toxic family interactions can also fuel anxiety, depression, feelings of helplessness, low self-esteem and traumatic-loneliness.

Many individuals tend to view themselves as the problem, and assume responsibility for conflict within their families to make sense of the dysfunction.

A toxic family dynamic tends to function as many bodies, with one identity. Conflict is normal but many families do not know how to manage conflict in a healthy way.

You cannot force your family members to go to therapy, or change, however, if your family is willing and ready to do the work, change can happen. Here’s how we can help:

  • Develop understanding of family dynamics.
  • Develop healthy boundaries.
  • Facilitate healthy communication among family members
  • Reduce conflict by developing healthy problem-solving skills
  • Repair relationship ruptures

Normal is a myth, and perfect families do not exist!


Family Therapy

However, it doesn’t mean that yours can’t function in a healthy way.

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