Depression Therapy

Do you feel stuck, fatigued, overwhelmed, or numb?

When you have done all the work to recover from depression, how will you live your life differently?

Depression cannot always be linked to any one event; it may be due to finances, an illness, abuse, family relationships, a loss, or abandonment. Many of us are so used to wearing a mask to protect ourselves from judgement that we may not realize that depression is affecting the way we function in relationships, professional settings and our view of self and the world.

The challenge with depression is that if left untreated the sufferer may eventually begin to assume the identity of a depressed being, and may have a difficult time believing that recovery is a possibility. You can overcome depression if you are willing to be curious, open, and do the work with your therapist to explore and address the underlying causes of your suffering.

We have found that depression conceals suppressed emotions, such as: anger, fear or sadness. Your therapist will guide you to examine and eliminate any negative beliefs you may be harboring towards yourself that may be the cause of your depressive symptoms.

It is your birthright to live life your way, and choose how you want it to unfold. It would be an honor for us to support you on your journey to self-discovery, and healing.

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