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Is Your Teen Struggling with ADHD, Anxiety, or Depression? We can help!

Teenage years can be overwhelming. The constant pressure to fit in, worrying about the future, balancing school, and family dynamics is challenging enough, but when ADHD, anxiety, or depression are added to the mix, it can feel impossible to manage.

At Emergent Counseling & Consulting, we tailor our services to help teens become independent, develop resilience, manage stress, improve focus, and enhance their overall mood and thrive.

Understanding ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression in Teens

ADHD: Teens with ADHD often struggle socially, find it hard to focus, stay organized, or complete tasks. They may also feel misunderstood by teachers, their peers and even you, their parents. This typically leads to frustration, impacts their self-esteem and academic performance.

Anxiety: Teen anxiety can manifest as headaches, stomach issues, constant worry, panic attacks, or social anxiety. These feelings can lead to avoidance behaviors, making it difficult to participate in everyday activities and causing strain in relationships.

Depression: Teen depression involves lingering feelings of hopelessness, withdrawal from activities, changes in sleep patterns, lashing out, and difficulty concentrating. Many teens struggle to pinpoint the cause of their depression and may resort to drug use and self-harming behaviors to cope with feelings of numbness.

Many parents report feeling helpless, uncertain and frustrated by not knowing how to show-up for their teenager who is struggling with Anxiety, ADHD or Depression, can you relate?

Here’s our approach to helping:

Personalized Therapy Plans 

Every teen is unique and we are intentional about learning our clients and creating customized therapy plans that cater to the individual needs of each client. Whether your teen needs Therapy for anxiety, mindfulness techniques for ADHD, or support groups for depression, we have the expertise to help.

Family Involvement

ADHD, anxiety, and depression typically affects to the whole family. Our family therapy sessions provide a supportive environment where parents and siblings can learn effective communication skills and strategies to support each other.

Parents play a crucial role in a teen’s healing journey. Hence, our requirement for parents to participate in our parenting groups. The parenting groups are most effective in undoing the feelings of loneliness and self-criticism about the struggles of parenting. Our therapists work closely with families to provide guidance and support, ensuring a collaborative approach to treatment.

Life Skills Coaching

Our practice offers life skills services to our adolescent clients to help them adjust to life transitions, and develop independent living skills. Our Independent Living Skills Coaches are experienced in teaching, case management, and mindfulness approaches.

We aim to provide your teen with tools that will help them thrive and reach their full potential. Our Life Skills Coaches are intentional about assessing strengths, needs, and abilities, and providing coaching to foster growth in the following areas: communication, budgeting, bill payment, college prep, goal setting, interviewing skills, job search and other tasks associated with adulting. Referrals are also provided to other holistic providers with whom we are affiliated to meet additional needs.

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At Emergent Counseling & Consulting, we are dedicated to helping teens develop grit, navigate their mental health challenges and lead fulfilling lives.

You and your teen deserve support, and we would be honored to partner with you to create a healthier future for your family.

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