Substance Abstinence Therapy

What kind of damage has substance abuse caused to your relationships?

There is typically an underlying cause for drug or alcohol abuse; some may use it because of the enjoyable effects, environmental influence, social anxiety, grief, childhood abuse, helplessness, and mental illness. Whether someone uses drugs or alcohol to avoid intense emotions or escape relationship problems, if the source of the stressors is not addressed, chances are he or she may continue to use drugs to cope.

No one uses drugs, because they want to become addicted and destroy their lives. Unfortunately, what we repeat becomes a habit, and habits lead to addiction. Alcohol and drugs trigger euphoria, and excitement in the brain, and it makes the unbearable tolerable, even for a moment. Each time you drink or use drugs when you are stressed out you are changing and training your brain to expect drugs the next time you are distressed.

It’s time to get the support of a therapist if you:

  • Have lost control and are using increasing amounts of drugs or alcohol to escape
  • Have tried to cut down or quit with little or no success
  • Notice that alcohol or drug use is affecting your day-to-day functioning
  • Need to use alcohol or drugs to manage urges and avoid withdrawal
  • Are feeling ashamed of your dependence on alcohol or drugs to get through the day
  • Are experiencing recurring conflicts in your relationships due to ongoing use
  • Are isolating to avoid confrontation about your alcohol or drug use
Substance Use

Our sessions are offered individually and are between a licensed therapist and the client. Support is paramount to recovery, therefore, at the request of our clients and the recommendation of the licensed therapist family sessions are offered.

  • We are committed to working with you to identify the “why” behind your substance use. Our approach is as follows:
  • Clinical evaluation to identify stressors leading to substance use
  • Develop healthy alternative coping skills
  • Process unresolved trauma that is leading to drug use
  • Develop self-awareness and self-compassion
  • Develop conflict-resolution and boundary-setting skills
  • Develop an abstinence recovery action plan

Since the healing journey is unique to each individual, our therapists assess client histories obtained from clinical evaluation, and assessment tools, and we use a combination of evidenced-based techniques to help our clients manage addictions and triggers. We utilize trauma therapies such as:

  • AEDP for attachment trauma
  • Bilateral Stimulation
  • Brainspotting
  • EMDR
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Somatic Therapy

There is an ongoing collaboration between the therapist and client to assess progress and ensure that needs are appropriately met. If at any time we determine that you can benefit from a higher level of care, we will explore alternative treatment options with you and make appropriate referrals.

Reach out so we can help you identify the roots of your addiction and gain control of your life.

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