Anxiety Therapy

Do you recall the first-time you felt anxious?

Maybe you have the answers to these questions, and maybe you don’t. Anxiety is our bodies way of telling us that we need to tackle an emotion or stressful situation we have been ignoring or suppressing. Also, anxiety is your body’s alarm system, and is a survival response that is meant to protect you from real or perceived threat.

As anxiety is often misunderstood and feared, you may feel ill-equipped and helpless to manage it. Our therapists will help you find the source of your anxiety, and teach you how to tame it so it does not continue to disrupt your life, stunt your growth.

Anxiety Therapy

We partner with our clients to change their relationship with anxiety, and process suppressed emotions, and experiences that trigger anxious episodes.  You will be taught practical tools to tame your anxiety and manage stressful situations.

You are meant to be in control of your body, your body should not be to dictating your moments of peace. We’d love to help!

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