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Healing is Maximized When Support is Multiplied!


Emergent Counseling & Consulting, LLC offers enrichment workshops for organizations, Adults and Teens to gain support, learn powerful stress management techniques,  and discover their untapped strengths.



This group is for adults who are anxious, overwhelmed, struggling with racing thoughts, and are looking for the support and accountability they need to tame their anxiety.

 We are extending an invitation for you to join us for this amazing opportunity!

 This experience is valued at $25 per session or  for $150 pre-paid.

 Space will be supportive and intimate with a limited number of participants so reserve your spot now!

 Hope to see you there!

Our Healing Vybes Anxiety Management Group!

Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with anxiety?

 Perhaps you are in therapy and find that the work you’re doing is more focused on your thoughts and less on the tornado in your body.

Maybe you are looking for a supportive space where you can connect in an authentic way

Do you want to feel centered, present and at peace and need guidance to get there?

 We are extending an invitation for you to join us for this amazing opportunity!


The thought of joining a support group may seem scary. Nicky believes that Healing is Maximized when Support is Multiplied! She is passionate about creating safe spaces for people to heal and learn to re-establish connection with themselves an others. She is intentional about using creative techniques to ensure that this space will be safe, non-judgmental and authentic.


You will receive a reminder email the day prior to the event. Please ensure that you check your spam folder. This workshop is not intended to serve as a therapy session and is only for educaitonal purposes. Please note that we have limited spots available as your safety is our priority. The CDC’s policies related to group gatherings will be strictly enforced!



Do you feel tired, on edge, and helpless when you get anxious? This group is for you! You will get to connect with other people who are looking for authentic support ; you will get relief, and inspiration to heal. You will learn how to tame your anxiety and de-stress! Healing is amplified when support is multiplied! Please note that: The duration of the group is 4 weeks Maximum benefit is achieved with enrollment in all four sessions


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We are open Monday thru Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Saturdays : By appointment only