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This group is for adults who are anxious, overwhelmed, struggling with racing thoughts, and are looking for the support and accountability they need to tame their anxiety.

 We are extending an invitation for you to join us for this amazing opportunity!

 This experience is valued at $25 per session or  for $150 pre-paid.

 Space will be supportive and intimate with a limited number of participants so reserve your spot now!

 Hope to see you there!

6 Week Anxiety Management Group

Please note:
We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we encourage participants to communicate any scheduling conflicts or issues in advance. However, missed sessions will not be eligible for a refund once your spot has been reserved for the Anxiety Management Group.

Participating in this group is not a replacement for individual therapy, and our discussions are not a substitute for personalized professional advice. If you require professional assistance, we encourage you to consult with a qualified mental health professional.

By joining this Anxiety Management Group you acknowledge and understand that the discussions within this group are not a form of therapy, and the group cannot provide the level of support required in crisis situations.

Sessions will be facilitated via Zoom and the link will be shared with participants the day prior to the initial start date and is not to be shared with anyone.

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We’re looking forward to being your healing partner!

Looking for different healing services

At Emergent Counseling & Consulting LLC, services are person-centered, culturally sensitive, stigma-free, holistic and strengths-based.

Our services are tailored to meet your needs and help you develop the skills needed to get rid of anxiety and depression, and enhance your quality of life.  Our methods are non-invasive, short-term evidenced-based techniques such as  Brainspotting, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), which simple and focused on reducing the intensity of distress associated with anxiety and depression.