Hello, I’m Nicky Cameron

The Founder

My Story

I am Nicky Cameron, a native of Jamaica, a lover of Jazz, an avid reader, and an overachiever. I am spiritual, and I love to dance, cook, travel, and host intense game nights. I am also a trauma survivor, and the founder of Emergent Counseling & Consulting.

If someone would have told me when I started my healing journey that toxic stress and trauma dysregulates the nervous system and affects brain function perhaps, I would not have felt as ashamed as I did for suffering. I did not know that the anxiety, suicidal and racing thoughts, procrastination, fatigue, and my gut issues were because of my dysregulated nervous system.

I am living proof that you can tame anxiety, recover from depression, and PTSD, and have an authentic and fulfilled life. I have thoroughly researched and experienced every therapy technique my team and I now offer, and although your experience may not be like mine, if you trust the process and do the work, I know these approaches will work for you.

My expertise is in the treatment of Anxiety Disorders, Attachment Trauma, Depression and PTSD via Case Management, Life Skills Coaching, Individual and Group Counseling. I am also skilled in Program Management and work with organizations to develop and implement wellness programs and facilitate team collaboration, and conflict resolution sessions.

I obtained a Masters Degree in Social Work from Florida International University, I am a Motivational Speaker, a Licensed Therapist, a Qualified Supervisor for the State of Florida, and a Certified Behavioral Health Case Management Supervisor.

My organization partners with non-profit entities to create opportunities for underserved youth to develop the skills needed to overcome oppressive conditions and systems. I am a member of the AEDP Institute’s Vision Collective wherein I collaborate with my peers to develop initiatives to facilitate holistic healing for marginalized communities and intersectional identities who experience oppression and systemic injustice.

You survived yesterday, the day before, and last month, but it is time for you to stop surviving and start living! It would be an honor for my team and I to partner with you on your healing journey. If you are willing to do the work, and believe that you can heal, you will heal.

You deserve to be seen, heard, and supported.

What Clients Say

Nicki I just want to say THANK YOU

THANK YOU for all that you have done for my family. You a special human being and I hope God continue to give you the wisdom and strength to continue to be the life saving hero that you are. My daughter who suffered from stress related seizures hasn’t had an episode in more than a year and the lights are turned back on in my son’s eyes again. He is smiling and laughing again. Grades are back up. He is now a well functioning kid who wants to live life to the fullest once again…

You are rare

It’s rare that you can find professionals that are willing to go above and beyond for clients these days. You have shown a vested interest in my family’s case and the outcome. You are thorough in your review of the issues that are at hand and you exhibit kindness and honest care to your patients. It is obvious that you have amassed a wealth of knowledge in your area of expertise, but also in terms of care and empathy for the well being of your patients…

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