Dear Anxiety:

I remember the first time I met you; I was confident, determined and carefree. You appeared out of nowhere, as if you were lurking in the background, waiting for the chance to take advantage of me. I was introduced to you by a family member as she told me I was unworthy. You were my dirty little secret for years because I was afraid that no one would understand our relationship and would judge me. You always knew how to make me feel special like I was the only one for you.

I have always been your prized possession, your trophy, and your pawn. You made my body feel sensations like no other. You perfected the art of reminding me how unworthy I was. You tormented me with your anxious rants of sweats, racing thoughts, sleepless nights, and heart palpitations. I was in disbelief and unwilling to accept the reality that you were controlling me. Our constant fights left me overwhelmed even though I won most of them. You overwhelmed and consumed me; I knew it was time to let you go.

Our relationship started to change when I decided to accept you and commit working with you. You taught me the power of healing through acceptance. You showed me that I was my harshest critic. Since you abused me more than anyone else, I am no longer afraid of rejection, judgment or loneliness. I won’t miss you, but I am committed to keeping you out of my life. I have no regrets about our relationship, and I appreciate the lessons.

No Regrets,

Anxiety Survivor!

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Our services are tailored to meet your needs and help you develop the skills needed to get rid of anxiety and depression, and enhance your quality of life.  Our methods are non-invasive, short-term evidenced-based techniques such as  Brainspotting, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), which simple and focused on reducing the intensity of distress associated with anxiety and depression.